amy jordan and michelle obama

Ms. Jordan shares the SWEET ENUFF Movement programs with FIrst Lady Michelle Obama. She is thrilled.

We definitely think
Mrs. Obama is 'SWEET ENUFF'!

Washington DC, November 2011


How many will YOU take?

"She has inspired all of us, especially the children"

-- Patricia Griffin, Guidance Councelor

"SWEET ENUFF has programs that work directly with schools,that directly impact the kids. That's why I'm involved."

-- Ray Witt, Former Board Chairperson

"SWEET ENUFF gives our kids the chance to not just survive but thrive."

-- Cindy Nelson, SWEET ENUFF Mom

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The SWEET ENUFF Movement
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Amy Jordan:
(646) 820-2643

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Sweet Enuff Movement
Building a New Culture of Health

to beat diabetes and childhood obesity?

amy jordanThe SWEET ENUFF Movement is a youth outreach organization that supports kids living with, at risk, or affected by diabetes and childhood obesity. Our programs combine hip-hop dance fitness with health and life coaching to create a new culture of health that is fun, educational, and empowering.

SWEET ENUFF was founded in 1997 by Amy Jordan. Jordan had reached the heights of professional dancing. She also had Type 1 diabetes. Amy didn't have the resources to take care of her disease and she struggled with her diabetes. She founded SWEET ENUFF Movement to prevent her diabetes complications from happening to any youth as a result of lack of education or support related to diabetes and obesity.

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